Frequently asked questions

Why am I seeing the message: No subtitles found?

The Subtitle Downloader app is using websites like and for searching/downloading the subtitles. So before contacting the developer about missing subtitles, please search for the subtitles on these 2 websites. If you can find the subtitles on the websites, but not in the app, please contact me: Click!

Why are the subtitles not showing when playing the video?

If you are playing the video on your phone, please make sure you have installed for example VLC Player ( Some video players won't show the subtitles but at least VLC definitely will. 

Why do I need to fill in an OpenSubtitles username? 

OpenSubtitles requires a username/password to download subtitles. The Subtitle Downloader app uses some pre-defined shared accounts but those accounts have limits (downloading a maximum of 1000 subtitles). If you are experiencing issues when trying to download from OpenSubtitles, please create an account here: Fill in the username/password you just created in the Subtitle Downloader settings. 

Why am I not able to download subtitles to my external SD card? 

Please follow the procedure as shown in the animated video when trying to select the "External" tab.  

Why am I not able to download subtitles for my own language?

Please contact me if you need new languages to be added! If the language is available, I will add it in a next release.  

Why is my question not answered on this page?

Please contact me: Click if you cannot find an answer to the question you have...