Frequently asked questions

How do I use this app?

First ask yourself, where are my movies/tv-shows stored? Are they on your phone? Then use the INTERNAL/EXTERNAL tab to select the video you want subtitled. Click for example the Internal tab, go to your Download directory and click on the video. Once you clicked on the video, a dialog will appear. Make sure you have selected at least one language and hit download! The subtitle will be saved with the same name as the video. Use VLC or another video application to display the subtitle. 

If you are streaming movies or tv-shows, use the first screen called "Home". In the first textinput (Search Subtitles) enter the name of the movie/tv-show. Select at least one language and click: Search! A list of subtitles will appear, select the one you think will fit the movie. The subtitle will be downloaded (by default) to your internal SD-card. Use VLC or another video application to select your subtitle from this SD-card. You can change the download directory by selecting: download location under "Options" in the Home screen. 

Are your movies/tv-shows stored on your server/PC? Then use the last tab called Network. If you don't see this tab yet, go to the settings and fill in the details of your server/PC like the IP-address and the username/password. 

Why am I seeing the message: No subtitles found?

The Subtitle Downloader app is using websites like and for searching/downloading the subtitles. So before contacting the developer about missing subtitles, please search for the subtitles on these 2 websites. If you can find the subtitles on the websites, but not in the app, please contact me: Click!

Why are my subtitles out of sync with the video (subtitles show earlier/later)? 

If you see the subtitles being displayed earlier or later, so out of sync, please try another subtitle. The version of the subtitle is shown in the results screen so remember which one you picked before, and try another! If there are no subtitles which are correct, use the subtitle offset option in for example VLC player or KODI. 

Why are the subtitles not showing when playing the video?

If you are playing the video on your phone, please make sure you have installed for example VLC Player ( Some video players won't show the subtitles but at least VLC definitely will. 

Why do I need to fill in an OpenSubtitles username? 

OpenSubtitles requires a username/password to download subtitles. The Subtitle Downloader app uses some pre-defined shared accounts but those accounts have limits (downloading a maximum of 1000 subtitles). If you are experiencing issues when trying to download from OpenSubtitles, please create an account here: Fill in the username/password you just created in the Subtitle Downloader settings. 

Why am I not able to download subtitles to my external SD card? 

Please follow the procedure as shown in the animated video when trying to select the "External" tab.  

Why am I not able to download subtitles for my own language?

Please contact me if you need new languages to be added! If the language is available, I will add it in a next release.  

Why is my question not answered on this page?

Please contact me: Click if you cannot find an answer to the question you have...